Factor Calculator

Calculate the factors of a positive or negative integer number using our online Factor Calculator. This Factoring calculator online allows you to calculate the factors and factor pairs of positive and negative integers.

What is a Factor?

A Factor is a number or a quantity multiplied with another number to produce a given number or expression. An integer whether it is a positive or negative can have many factors.

Simply, consider here that a given number is C. What are the factors of number C?

C can be represented as, c=a×b

Here “a” and “b” are original numbers multiplied together to produce C. So, these “a” and “b” are called as the factors of number c.

Another definition to explain factor, it is a number which divides evenly into another number with no remainder.

Example of a Factor Calculation

Consider here the given number, 16



1×16= 16

Here, the factors of 16 are 1, 2, 4, 8, 16. These numbers divide number “16” evenly and so they are called as factors of number 16.

How to use Online Factor Calculator

Factor analysis sometimes can be tough when to calculate the factors of a big number. It is quite tiresome to determine factors manually and so we are here to provide you Factoring Calculator online.

Use our Factor calculator of a number to determine the factors of an integer with just a few clicks. Just follow the simple steps mentioned below to produce the results.

  • Enter the number which you need to find out factors for.
  • Click on “Calculate” to produce results by factor generator.

That’s it. You can check the results and use them.

Solve by factoring calculator to determine the factors of a number using this Free Factor Calculator.