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Use this Online Fractions Calculator to calculate fractions in multiple functions like Addition, subtraction, Multiplication and Division. Mixed fractions calculator here includes additions, subtraction, division and multiplication functions to calculate mixed number fractions calculations.

Even “Decimal to Fraction Calculator” and “Fraction to Decimal Calculator” are available here. These Fraction calculators just require appropriate input values like integers to produce accurate results.

What is a Fraction?

Fraction definition is explained as a number expressed in the form of ratio with two integers. A fraction is denoted as P/q.

Where P, the top number is referred to as Numerator

Q, the bottom number is referred to as Denominator

Fraction is represented as a part of a whole. The numerator number defined as the number of equal parts of the whole. The denominator is defined as the total number of equal parts i.e., a whole.

Fraction Equations

Adding Fractions Calculator formula

Subtracting Fractions Calculator formula

Multiplying Fractions calculator formula

Dividing Fractions Calculator Formula

How to use Free Fractions Calculator Online

The fractions calculator provided here are mixed fractions calculators, simply fractions calculator, Decimals to fractions calculator, Fractions to decimals calculator.

All these fractions online calculators can provide results if you just follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Enter the appropriate values in the boxes.
  • Choose the desired function and field.
  • Click on “Calculate” option.

These calculators can also work as negative fraction calculators just insert a “_” minus sign before the number to get results.