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High School GPA Online calculator present here, lets you calculate your high school GPA online and knowing GPA helps you to understand where your performance stands. Calculate GPA, know your performance in studies and based on that improve your hardworking skills to reach your goals.

What is GPA?

Grade Point Average is in short known as GPA. It is a number which represents the average value of the combined final grades earned in the courses over time. This GPA is calculated by summing up all the final grades secured and dividing that by the actual total number of grades awarded.

This results in mathematical mean value or average of all final grades. GPA is based on scale range between 0.0 to 4.0 grades. Grade point average of an individual varies between these values.

As Example

Letter Grade GPA
A 4.00 grade points
A- 3.70 grade points
B+ 3.33 grade points
B 3.00 grade points
B- 2.70 grade points
C+ 2.30 grade points
C 2.00 grade points
C- 1.70 grade points
D+ 1.30 grade points
D 1.00 grade points
D- 0.70 grade points
WF/F 0 grade points

Uses of GPA

GPA is used for admissions, determining toppers and to enroll in some universities for further studies. Sometimes this GPA also considered during some exams and Interviews. So, students need to track the status of the GPA and take further steps to improve their GPA’s.

GPA is primarily in use for High School and College Students for seeking admissions in renowned universities. Renowned Universities and Colleges set a benchmark and students willing to enroll in those universities need to keep their GPA match to that Benchmark.

Online High School GPA Calculator

High School GPA Calculator is a basic online tool which helps a student to know GPA and to know where their performance stands. Based on GPA, students can improve their hard work, reschedule the studying habits to improve performance on studies.

As said, GPA is Grade Point Average which is calculated by adding the final grades secured by the student and dividing that value by total Grade’s credits. If final GPA is good it helps the student to enroll or get a seat in renowned colleges and Universities which help for further studies.

How to use online High School GPA Calculator

  • Choose the Grade Format, letter/percentage.
  • Enter the Current GPA.
  • Enter the semester name which will be useful to recognize immediately.
  • Add all Courses along with Course name, Credits and Course Type to calculate your High School GPA.
  • The option of adding another semester to find out multi-semester GPA is also available.

High School GPA Calculation includes Weighted GPA and Un-Weighted GPA. In some high Schools, Weighted GPA is calculated after adding some extra points for Courses types Honors, Advanced Placement, IB courses and College. By using this Weighted GPA, the A grade points which has scale 4 may increase and which increases the GPA.

Un-Weighted GPA means it doesn’t consider the Course type and Course credits while calculating GPA. Also, Pass/ No Pass courses are not considered in GPA. The points for Course types may vary for example; 0.5 points is added for Honors course type whereas in AP whole 1.0 point is added.

Using Online High School GPA calculator to calculate GPA consumes less time and by which a student can make some corrections in their study schedule to improve their performance skills.