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Calculate Gross Margin, Profit Margin using this user-friendly and easy to use online Margin Calculator.

What is Margin?

It is to understand that the word margin has various meanings and definition, and in the current context this term is used in three sectors such as finance, business and investing in three different ways.

In other words, margin is commonly defined in sales percentage and on the production. And also this term is used in the assessment of various aspects in the profitability of the business is concerned.

On the other hand, the margin is defined as the usage of words, then in finance sector margin means the holder of financial institution who is required to deposit with counterparty, so that the risk of credit is covered to certain extent or some times to a huge extent. So, by this it is understood that margin can be used in various aspects according to convenience.

How to use online margin calculator

To make best out of the online margin calculator provided here, just by entering basic pre-requites:

  • Enter the Value of “Cost”
  • Enter the Value of “Revenue”
  • Finally, click on “Calculate” to get instant results.

Manual Margin Calculator

In the previous days when there were no high speed internets or when there were no software applications or online margin calculators, certain formulas were used to manually calculate the required margin values. Now let us look fourth for some of the formulas to calculate margin values.

Mathematical formulas to calculate margin values

Here, in order to calculate the margined values, with the aid of mathematical formulas, follow below steps:

Step 1: The data needs to be put together, mainly from when the margin value is to be calculated

Step 2: Now, it is the time to figure out the total revenue of entire duration, and this can be done with the aid of receipts which are generated at the same time.

And once these are readily available, you can keep reading the following content to know the formulas to calculate ‘gross profit’, ‘individual gross profit’, ‘ total costs of goods’, ‘individual gross profit percentage’ and ‘gross profit percentage’

Basic margin formulas

total \ cost \ of \ the \ good = production \ costs + purchase \ costs

gross \ profit = total \ revenue - cost \ of \ the \ goods

gross \ profit \ percentage = \frac{gross \ profit}{{cost \ of \ the \ goods}} \times 100

individual \ gross \ profit = selling \ price - unit \ cost

individual \ gross \ profit \ percentage = \frac{individual \ gross \ profit}{{unit \ cost}}\times 100

So, finally, we hope the information provided on Margin and usage of Margin Calculator helps you to solve errors issue occurs while manual calculation.