Mortgage Calculator


Calculate mortgage monthly payments using the free Mortgage Calculator Online. Not only monthly payments of the mortgage, this online mortgage calculator can be used to estimate monthly payments of Home Loan or Land on the basic level.

What is Mortgage?

It is basically defined as an official agreement made under which an individual borrows money as a loan from a bank or any building society. Mortgages are usually taken often to purchase a House or Land. The borrowed mortgage loan amount can be repaid back by monthly mortgage payments.

If the borrower fails to pay monthly mortgage payments, then the lender may take control over the property on which he/she provided the mortgage.

Mortgage Loan Calculator Formula

With the mortgages, if you are looking to calculate and find monthly payment required to totally pay down and to borrow principal in due course of a number of payments, here is the standard formula to calculate mortgage;


P = Principal amount (amount of mortgage)

M = monthly payment

r= Monthly interest rate (dividing annual interest by 12)

n= number of payments made

Online Mortgage calculator

A mortgage calculator is an online tool that enables you to determine the financial implications of charges in a single or number of variables in mortgage arrangements made financially.

The mortgage calculators can be used to determine the monthly repayment on one hand. On the other hand, this calculator can be used by providers of mortgage to determine the financial suitability of applicants for the home loan.

With the online mortgage calculator provided here, you can depend totally on the calculator as it handles any financial calculations relating to tax, insurance and monthly payment that needs to be paid to pay off mortgage amount.

How to use online mortgage calculator

In order to use mortgage payment calculator, enter the values such as;

  • Home price
  • Down Payment amount
  • The mortgage loan amount you need to borrow
  • Rate of interest applies
  • Mortgage Term which means period of loan payment
  • Property tax
  • Private mortgage Interest percentage
  • Home Insurance
  • Home owner’s association due amount

Enter values of the details mentioned above and finally click on “Calculate” to get instant results understandable to you.

This Online Mortgage calculator calculation helps you in estimating whether you can afford a home loan. Also, gives a clear understanding of monthly payments you need to pay to clear off the mortgage loan.