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Calculate Percentage of two numbers, percentage increase or percentage decrease between two numbers using the easy to use online Percentage Calculator. Percentage Calculator online free of cost is provided here.

What is Percentage?

The term Percentage is usually defined as a number or ratio represents a fraction of 100. Often Percentage is denoted as symbol “%” or by using abbreviations like “pct” or “pc” sometimes. A percentage is a dimensionless number. Percent term is derived from the Latin Word “Per Centum” which means “By the hundred”.

Online Percentage Calculator

Percentage Calculator is an online tool provided here to calculate percentages of two values instantly within seconds.

How to use Online Percentage Calculator

Percentage calculator online provided here has types. One is Percentage calculator to calculate percentage between two values.

  • Enter first value
  • Enter second value
  • Click on “Calculate” to get percentage difference between two values.

Another type of percentage calculator we are talking about is percentage increase or decrease calculator between two values.

  • Enter two values and click on “Calculate”.
  • If a positive answer is obtained it represents a percentage increase.
  • If a negative answer is obtained it represents a percentage decrease.

Percentage Calculator Formulae


Here, P= Percentage

V1 = First value on which percentage modifies

V2 = Result which obtained after applying percentage on the first value.

Consider, V1= 30 and V2= 1.5


P= 1.5/30=0.05

The solution here resulted should be multiplied with 100 to convert the value into a percent. Online Percentage Calculator automatically calculated and expresses the results in percent form.

Percentage Difference Calculator

To find the percentage difference between two different values a simple formula is used.

Percentage difference formula= |V1−V2|/(V1+V2)2×100

The absolute difference between two values divided by the absolute average of the two values is multiplied with 100 to get Percentage difference of the two values.

Percentage increase or Decrease calculator

Please enter two values and select increase or decrease to know the percentage increase or decrease value.

In this, the absolute difference between two values is divided by the initial value and multiplied with 100. The obtained result is compared with initial to see how much the result has changed compared to the initial value.

Percentage Change formula=New Amount – Original Amount/ Old Amount * 100

If the result is positive, then it is a percentage increase

If the result is negative, then it is a percentage decrease

Usually, every time manual methods for calculation of percentages cause confusion leaving you with an inaccurate result. So, it is the best option to choose Online Percentage Calculator for best results.