Percentage Increase Calculator

What is the percentage increase/decrease
from to ?

Answer: 900%

Do you want to calculate the percentage increase between the two numbers? This Online Percentage Increase Calculator helps you here to how to figure out the percentage increase like an increase between two values of a production or rent.

What is Percentage Increase?

Percent Increase is a basic measure of percent change which is the range to variable gains or loses value.

How to calculate Percentage Increase

To determine the growth of a variable over time between two values percentage change calculations are used. So, to determine the percentage increase,

  • First, subtract the old number or initial number from the new or final number.
  • Divide the difference obtained by the initial value.
  • Finally, multiply the result with 100% to convert the number-oriented result to the percentage form.
  • The final result which obtained now is considered as the percent increase value between two values.

Percentage Increase Formula

How to use Percentage Increase Calculator Online

If you are mathematically challenged and looking for an online Percentage Increase calculator over time then you came to correct place. Here we provide you an easy to use Free Percentage Increase Calculator online which works out results in a quick manner.

Just follow the instructions mentioned below for better usage of Percentage calculator here.

  • Enter the Initial or Old number.
  • Enter the Final or new number.
  • Click on “Calculate” option to obtain the results.

After this, the result section contains the difference value between the numbers and the percentage increase between the two numbers.