Prime Numbers Calculator

Are you confused with how to find prime numbers? Want a Prime numbers chart for easy calculations? Then feel free to use our online Prime Number Calculator for required purposes. Here we are also providing a Prime number checker calculator which can say whether the entered number is a prime or not.

What is a Prime Number?

A prime number is defined as a number which contains only two distinct divisors which mean it is divisible by only “1” and itself. A prime number can be an integer or whole number and it is greater than 1.

Prime Number example

Consider a number let’s say 2, the number 2 is an even prime number. Number “2” is divisible by 1 and itself only.

Another example, is number 17 a prime number? Yes, it is. It is divisible by only 1 and itself.

How to determine a prime number

As said earlier, a prime number has only two factors which are “1” and itself. So, it can be easier to determine prime numbers up to certain numbers. What if you want to determine a prime numbers list up to bigger numbers?

Determining a prime number in the big list is a very difficult task and it can’t be done manually so easily. So, opt for Free Prime Numbers Generator online calculator to determine the prime numbers list up to a required number.

How to use Prime Numbers Calculator Online

  • Enter the number up to which you want to limit the listing. For example say the number limit is like up to 100, 500, 1000, 2000 etc.
  • Choose the delimiter by which you want to separate the prime numbers list.
  • Click on “Generate” or “Calculate” button to obtain the list.

These simple steps can help you to generate prime numbers list based on your interest. This List of Prime numbers can also be printed or copied for your purposes. The Prime Numbers Chart list is accessible to print them out.

How to use Online Prime Number Checker calculator

Prime number determination calculator provided here can help you with deciding whether the given number is a prime or not.

To do so, just enter the number in the appropriate box and click on “Check” or “Calculate”. Within seconds the prime number detector calculator produces the results.

If the number is a prime, it shows prime numbers. If it is not, then it says that the number is a composite number. So, basically, it determines the number whether a prime or a composite number.