Quadratic Formula Calculator

Ans: 0.6180339887498949,-1.618033988749895

Want to determine the roots of a quadratic polynomial in an easy way? We are here to guide you with that using our simple to use Online Quadratic Formula Calculator.

This Quadratic Equation calculator utilizes the Quadratic solver formula which is predominantly used for solving a quadratic polynomial equation.

What is a Quadratic Formula definition?

Basically, in algebra a quadratic second-degree polynomial equation is denoted like this, ax2 + bx + c = 0.

Where a= quadratic coefficient, which can never be “0”; a≠0.

b= linear co-efficient

c= constant.

To solve the required quadratic equation means to determine the roots of a quadratic polynomial equation a specific quadratic formula is used. So, it is understood the purpose of the quadratic formula is to calculate the roots of a quadratic polynomial equation.

Quadratic Equation Solver formula

A polynomial quadratic equation can be solved in different ways like using the quadratic formula, in the graphical method, by factoring and by completing the square.

But, often a quadratic formula method is used to solve the equation.

The above-mentioned formula is the quadratic formula used as quadratic solver equation.

Here if b2−4ac=0, the roots obtained is one real root.

b2−4ac<0, the roots obtained are two complex roots.

b2−4ac>0, the roots obtained are two real roots.

Usually, the solving procedure of quadratic equation consumes a lot of time also it requires mathematical skills.

If you can’t keep that much effort in the calculation and want to save the time we help you in this case. Use this Free Quadratic Formula calculator for quadratic equation solving.

How to use Quadratic Formula Calculator online

This Quadratic formula calculator is an online tool which can be used to solve a quadratic equation. Roots of a quadratic equation are determined here by using the quadratic solver equation.

Just follow the simple instructions mentioned below to calculate roots of a quadratic equation.

  • Enter “a”, the coefficient of the quadratic equation.
  • Enter “b”, the linear coefficient of the equation.
  • Enter “c”, the constant of the equation.

•    Finally, click on “Calculate” button to let quadratic calculator determine the roots.