Square Root Calculator

Calculate Square root of a number along with the square of a number using our simple online Square Root Calculator. In olden days, there were no online calculator tools to find square root out and everyone approached the way using papers and pens.

Manual square root calculation is a tough task and one can use this Square root calculator to further proceed. Square root online calculator just asks you to enter the number to determine its square and square root values.

What is a Square root?

The square root is a mathematical term defined as a number which produces a particular quantity or number when it multiplies itself.

Mathematically, it is defined as, a square root of a number consider “a” is a number “X” i.e,

Square Root formula of a number x is denoted as sqrt{x}.

Square Root example

Square root explanation along with an example is provided here for better understanding of square root concept.

It is a fact that every positive number has two roots, one is a positive root and another is negative root. Okay, now consider square root of 16, √16 is “-4” and “+4” since, 16= (-4)2= (+4)2.

Any real number has a unique nonnegative square root and it is called as Principal Square root. For granted, a square root of a number generally means the principal square root.

This Square root calculator also tells you whether you entered a perfect number or not. Perfect square can be defined as a number which can be shown as a product of two equal integers.

The number 16 is a perfect square since it can be expressed as a product of two equal integer numbers like 4×4. But, the square root of 2 can’t be determined easily since it is not a perfect number.

How to use Free Square root calculator online

Using this square and square root calculator evaluate the given number square and square root. Also, check whether it is a perfect number or not because this root calculator also provides that results too.

  • Enter the number for which square root to be determined.
  • Click on “Calculate” option to get results.

So, in results, online square root calculator shows you the square root, square and tells you whether the number is a perfect square.