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Population Standard Deviation, σ - 1.4142135623731

Compute Standard Deviation of a given set of values using our online Standard Deviation Calculator. For suppose, if your data is a sample, then choose our online Sample Standard Deviation Calculator. We provided both of these calculators for user easy usage.

Standard Deviation definition

Standard Deviation is a typical statistics term denoted as σ. Standard deviation is defined as a measure of dispersion between a set of given values. In a simple manner, it measures how much the values of a data differ from their mean.

If the standard deviation value is low, the data points tend to be close to the mean. The higher the standard deviation value, the data points are far away from the mean.

Standard Deviation Formula

Standard deviation is a widely used technique to determine the heterogeneity, accuracy and variability of a set of data. When coming to population variability case, it is used measure the statistical results like error margin. In that context, the standard deviation is called as a Standard error of the mean.

Sample Standard Deviation formula

It is a tough task to calculate the standard deviation of a random sample. The below-mentioned formula is a corrected sample standard deviation formula derived from population standard deviation formula.

Here, N= sample Size

x̄ = Mean of the sample

xi = x1, …, xN = sample data set

Population Standard deviation Formula

N= Size of Population Data set

μ = Population Data Mean

xi  = x1, …, xN = Population Data set

How to use Online Standard Deviation Calculator

Calculate the Mean, Variance, coefficient variation and population and sample Standard deviation of a given set of data values. Just follow the simple steps mentioned below to produce the results from the standard deviation calculator tool.

  • Enter the data numbers by separating them with a comma (,).
  • Click on “Calculate” to find out the results.

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