Time Zone Calculator

Want to know in which time zone you live? Need to calculate the difference between two time zones? What is my time zone? Answers for every question related to the time zone and its differences can be sorted out here.

Time Zone Converter Calculator here helps you to determine the time zone at a specific place and also allows you to compare between two time zones.

Time Zone Calculator is a simple and convenient online tool which helps in scheduling online meetings, for travel bees, for flight passengers to know the time, to know appropriate time for contacting people in abroad countries.

How online Time Zone Converter calculator works?

The Time Zone calculator works on converting the time zones from one to another in an understandable way. Here the calculator time zone works using the GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

Just follow some instructions mentioned below to convert date and time between two time zones.

  • Enter the required Date and time or choose current time and date.
  • Choose time format, either “24 hr format/12 hr format”.
  • Enter the start time zone city, A.
  • Enter the end time zone city, B.
  • Click on “Convert/Calculate” to convert time from one place to another.

What is a Time Zone?

A time zone is a region described on Earth which uses a uniform time. They are often determined by lines of longitude and boundaries of countries.

Note: There is no significant difference between Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) as they share the same current time.

GMT is a time Zone whereas UTC is a time standard universally accepted. Other time zones are computed applying the offset from GMT and are represented in UTC format followed by the offset.

Many of the countries or regions follow Daylight saving time especially the Europe and North America follow it during the “summertime”. However, GMT and UTC don’t change regarding the DST period. Here this calculator doesn’t use the DST in making the calculations.