Tip Calculator


Tip Calculator: The Tip usually defined as money given with gratitude by the customer to the service worker in addition to the actual price. It is commonly given to service workers for voluntary service performed to the customers.

This Tip culture is not often seen in all countries and it is not mandatory to follow this tipping process. Generally, Tips are offered to service workers for the service they performed to customers in Restaurants or bars, Saloons, Drivers and so on.

All countries do not follow this tipping culture, in some countries it is considered as social etiquette and in some countries, it is considered as an insult to the service worker.

So, because of these differences, Tip culture is mainly followed in some countries only. In some areas, the tips are gradually included in the bill and the customers do not need to leave tips for servers.

But in some situations, one can see that the service workers do not have any extra compensation for their good service. So, in those cases customers can offer tips to the workers are gratitude.

Generally, 15% of meal price is offered as a tip before tax meal price. If the sales tax percentages range in between 6% to 9% then about 14% of after-meal tax price is offered as the tip.

In countries like the US and Canada tip service is widely in practice and also employees may have some compensation if they receive good tips representing their good service.

How to calculate Tip using Tip Calculator

This free tip calculator provides user to solve issues with Tip offering in the way of providing an Online Tip Calculator.

  • Enter the total bill amount you need to pay.
  • Enter the Tip percentage followed in your region or country.
  • Enter the number of service workers offered you a Good service.
  • Click on option saying “Calculate”.
  • Instantly the Tip calculator performs its duty and displays the result.

Another way to calculate the Tip is just to follow your state sales tax. For suppose, if your state sales tax is 15% then just double or triple on your choice of interest and just leave tip on the table.

The Tip Calculator  works at free of cost and users can change the amount or tip percentage as many times as possible and determine the tip amount.